Ambassy Kids and Ambassy Millennium Senior Secondary School Jaipur


The school can be compared to a plant. It requires as hard labor to grow and develop. It grows gradually. This school plant is of unique importance in the process of education, only good school plant nourishes the learners rightly giving them a proper environment for their growth and development, and above all, it has an everlasting impact on the personality of learners. It is our earnest. Endeavor to provide the students with such an environment.

Ambassy Kids and Ambassy Millennium Senior Secondary School is a part of Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole Shikshan Sansthan which is an independent society, registered under the Rajasthan Societies Registration Act of 1958 [Registration Act No. 28 (1958)].

Ambassy Kids and Ambassy Millenium Sr. School is a Co-educational school designed to promote hobbies, art culture, and education. It is an institution conducive to the mental, physical, and aesthetic development of the child.

The teaching and learning process at the school is based on an educational philosophy, approach, and methodology which shall ensure the students a quality education based on their needs. In the series of “Guru_Shishya Parampara,” we are offering various versatility.

The school shall utilize an enriched curriculum that shall meet accreditation standards in the major countries of the world and ensure that the students can resume their academic in other fields. 

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to build out future leaders with a global vision who are socially oriented and value base world citizens ready to address core issues with empathy, honesty and sincerity.

  • To create a school climate which fosters self esteem and respect for other.
  • To foster the personal development of each student so that they may fulfill their potential in as many fields a possible through a wide range of academic, cultural, social and recreational activities.
  • To provide an education that is a humanized and personalize so for as is possible with programs designed, within the school’s resources to recognize the unique way each student learns.
  • To display a commitment to education as a life long process through the containing education program.

Aiming For Excellence

In our school various ways we tell students to achieve betterment in their life .

Following excellence rule school must follow :-

Teaching Excellence

Quality teachers are the backbone of our school. Our school provide excellence in teaching is evident in the qualification of staff as well as the professional learning opportunities offered by the school.

Student Performance Measures

Our school achieve excellence in many categories already covered tend to be successful in student performance as well as a student consistency excel in their performance across learning area.

Assessment and Reporting

Our school provide better ability and resources needed to effectively monitor plan and report on student performance to parents and careers. Our school demonstrate excellence excel in this area.

Curriculum and Learning

This is a structural plan of action that derives a high standard and equitable Academy opportunities for students. Our school effectively developed the knowledge understanding and skills of all students. Our school using evidence base teaching practices and innovative delivery mechanisms.


The school follows psychological, belongingness, self steam, and self-actualization with the guidance of superior teachers.


A clear set of values and beliefs is practiced and reinforced by all authorities in the school. Our school achieves excellence and sets out its expectations for students, staff, and parents and they communicate that message regularly to their community.